Bodo Anhuth (president)

Having been born and raised in Berlin, I skateboarded to school and layed down some color in the 80's. I started rowing and lifting weights and excelled in both disciplines, yet the best thing in my life is wakeskating. It puts everything into perspective and brings together my friends from treeknowledge and my passion for wakeskating. Besides that, I also take care of extreme sports heroes and computer junkies as a physiotherapist.


Marok (artist)

After returning from the US in the mid 90’s, where Marok did freelance work for several companies without even thinking about applying for a green card once, he was looking for the right platform to demonstrate his fiercely independant and utterly involving vision of contemporary graphic-design. In 1995 he founded Lodown magazine. With his roots deeply in hiphop- and boardingculture, it was just a logical conclusion for him to transfer the freestyle attitude of rap and skateboarding on to paper. There seemed to be no restrictions for the magazine: no fixed area of type, no fixed type size, no fixed fonts, no limitation on content or graphics. The only criteria is the own personal taste of Marok and the team he built around himself. So what’s the magazine all about? Showing that things can be done differently, I would say. Until now, he’s still working as the art-director and publisher of Lodown magazine. Marok Lodown Magazine


Robert Zeise (product designer)

Together with two friends he has founded and runs the company bettenbartmann. His responsibilities within the company are the concept, design, as well as technical design and prototyping of products with the main focus on furniture. Since 2009 Robert Zeise is in charge of both CAD and CAM for Treeknowledge Wakeskates which are being milled using state of the art 5-axis CNC machining centers.


Christoph Leib (foto/film)

In the middle of the 90's Christoph used to play Bass Guitar in a Berlin Punk Rock Band, did songwriting and also lead vocals. So his dream definitely was to become a Rock Star. At the same time he started to shoot concerts and other bands. As things were changing there came a time when Christoph was sucked about that sometimes. he bitched about the music biz and stopped the whole thing. It happend by accident that he got into professionel photography, also forced by his very first client which was (and still is) the Berlin based streetwear company IrieDaily. It was in the late 90's when he started to shoot skateboarders, bmx riders, b-boys, djs and musicians … in other words: he put his focus on urban subcultures and on related places and spots. In those years he developed his own style, like working tightly and up close with pro riders and artitst such as Timo Pritzel (BMX, MTB), or Busty Wolter (FMX) to name just a few. In 2001 he became fotoeditor of the German BRETT magazine. Today Christoph is well known for shooting various Outdoor Action Extreme Sports but also for very close-up portraits of the activists and their storys, as well as for spot-on reports and editorials. With his work he conributes to different european and US-based magazines. He also works for various clients and companys, like RideTSG, Scott USA, Suzuki Active, Eastpak,Reef, Red bull,Pro-Tec, VANS etc.

Christoph Leib