Tarik Ghoniem

born & raised 02.03.1993 in Cuxhaven wakeskating since 2006 favorite trick switch tricks in general, combos i like adrenalin, endorphines, sunset session with my homies i don't like broken obstacles and broken nose, off season motto "Le roi cest moi!" lifestyle TREEKNOWLEDGE


Franz Lacherbauer

born & raised 03.04.1990 in Munich, raised in Berlin wakeskating since 2002 favorite trick just flippin' my board… i like my tight board shorts, my new tv-set and cornflakes! i don't like packed cable, cold burger, … winch without power! motto "i 've got wood!" lifestyle TREEKNOWLEDGE


Dennis Knasiak 

born & raised 05.08.1986 in Duisburg wakeskating since 2001 after the first wakeskate comes overseas. favorite trick Jesus Christ Halelluljah Air and Heelflip i like my girlfriend aka BumBum, my friends, good weather, good barbecue and last but not least a good winch spot i don't like when a  season ends with an injury motto third time's charm, keeping it real lifestyle TREEKNOWLEDGE



Dominic Frentrup

born & raised 01.05.1989 in Duisburg wakeskating since 2004 favorite trick big kicki, big bigspin, bigbig ollies i like romboso, beer, wakeskating, stickers i don't like broken bones motto have fun lifestyle TREEKNOWLEDGE


Jakob Bamberg

born & raised 26.07.1980 in Berlin wakeskating since 2003 favorite trick recently kickflip, shuve of anything … i like smoking & brandy, a girl with short panty, poker and joker … i don't like too late, too early, too small motto "lose weight, go big!" lifestyle TREEKNOWLEDGE